Better Connected 2013

Better Connected 2013 Results 

Many Jadu CMS powered authorities have been awarded the '4-star' and '3-star' status in the Better Connected 2013 report including City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Hinckley and Bosworth Council, Midlothian Council, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, South Lanarkshire Council and Southwark Council. 

Of the Top 20 sites reviewed in the report, four use the Jadu platform (City of Edinburgh Council, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, South Lanarkshire Council and Southwark Council).  City of Edinburgh Council has retained their 4-star status for the third consecutive year and 20% of all Local Authorities awarded the 4-star status use the Jadu CMS content management system, with 28 Jadu clients being cited as examples of good practice.

18 Jadu clients were awarded the 3-star rating including London Borough of Bromley, Cannock Chase DC, Coventry City, East Northamptonshire Council, Greenwich, Lichfield DC, Manchester City, Newport City, North Warwickshire BC, Northampton BC, Pendle BC, Sandwell MBC, Scottish Borders Council, London Borough of Wandsworth, Warrington BC, Waverley BC and Wyre BC.

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What is Better Connected?

The purpose of the 'Better Connected' report is to identify good practice in the development of local authority websites based on extensive evidence-based research.

A team of reviewers carry out a structured survey with specific questions for local authority websites.

Better Connected is an annual report and focusses on a number of critical aspects of customer experience and the critical role the web plays in this.

350 request

This is the first site I have come across which uses top tasks consistently throughout the site. It makes a strong customer focus. The links are short and clear. This is a very good site.

Hinckley & Bosworth Council Reviewer - Better Connected 2013

The site excels at promoting top tasks and enables them to be found easily across all entry points. The landing pages are beautifully presented and so easy to scan.

Oldham Council Reviewer - Better Connected 2013

Oldham focused on content, from our customers’ perspective as well as the top tasks that our customers need and want. We also deployed the mobile service providing quick and easy access to those top tasks.

Gordon Lee, Digital Media Officer, Oldham Council


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