Jadu Mobile Web

Manage your mobile web

Your customers will behave differently on mobile devices. They will want to access certain information or need to undertake specific tasks.

The Weejot mobile publishing platform provides powerful, non-technical management tools to control and deliver a rich mobile customer experience.

Weejot is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform - a Jadu technology that provides a hosted, fully managed and maintained mobile platform.

Utilizing the powerful MyJadu API that underpins the Jadu CMS, content and data from the CMS is presented through a series of mobile web application templates (AppTemplates).

Benefits include:

  • Full control over brand and templates - You can use the theme design tools to easily manage your branding and design without the need for any code.
  • Mobilize your existing content and applications - Using the developer framework, your developers can easily extend the system and use content and data from your back office systems.
  • Delivered through Software as a Service (SaaS) - Secure and resilient environment with facility to rapidly deploy new features and enhancements.
  • Mobile web standards compliance - Ensures mobile web optimization and multi-device compatibility.
  • Utilizes HTML5 local storage - Mobile websites can be accessed offline.
  • Mobile web - not local app - Provides low cost of ownership and removes the need to support native apps across multiple devices.

Key features

Out of the box App templates

You can be productive in seconds and create apps for News, Web pages, Events, Directories, RSS feeds, Social Media and much more.

Fully integrated with Jadu CMS

Reduce the publishing burden through easy reuse of content.

Deploy once and publish in real time to all devices

Rapidly respond to customer needs, iterate and enhance often.

No technical skills required

Undertake mobile website management and design through intuitive web-based tools.

Jadu CMS

Providing a flexible platform for information management, Jadu CMS is designed for and used by government, higher education, commercial and not for profit sectors.

Jadu XForms Professional

Jadu XForms Professional is an enterprise level form creation and management platform. When compared to other forms delivery platforms, XFP provides huge savings in times/costs.

Jadu Rupa Search Portal

Jadu Rupa Portal for Google Search Appliance can be deployed on your organization’s public facing sites to improve the search experience for both existing customers and new visitors.


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