MyJadu API- a RESTful interface for the JaduCMS

Harness the power of development communities you didn't know you had with the new 'MyJadu API'. Empower the users of your website to create applications and 'mash-ups' around your content by utilising the Jadu web based, public development framework.

The MyJadu API provides a RESTful interface for your website - enabling you to retrieve content and data managed in your CMS in a way that can be easily linked or re-used in other applications and systems. The MyJadu REST API enables 3rd party developers to utilise a Jadu CMS site's internal content, data, sections and categories.

Using an API key issued through the Control Centre your users become an extension of your development team.

Tapping into the vast wealth of information within your website, developers can build applications for platforms such as the iPhone that enrich the user experience, in the same way APIs offered by sites such as Google and Flickr have enriched the experiences of their users.

You can rapidly develop mobile applications for devices such as the iPhone or Blackberry - to enable customers to tap into your content and data easily.


Example widget using the MyJadu API - pulling content from another site

Here is an example MyJadu API Homepage widget to draw in content from another Jadu CMS system. In the below example, we are collecting 3 FAQs from Manchester City Council's Jadu CMS.

Content can be managed from a central location under Jadu CMS and published on any device, mashed-up or linked to other content. Widgets can be developed (as the example shows) and content and data in the CMS can be delivered as a service - no technical skills required.

New example widgets will appear here over time, so please come back again soon.

MyJadu api used to develop a widget in jadu homepages mashup page designer