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XForms Professional

Powerful forms that do everything

Examples of three XFP powered forms on three different size devices

Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), The Ministry of Justice employment tribunals and Manchester City Council all using XForms Professional.

Powerful forms transform organisations. Simply replacing paper forms encourages channel shift plus cost savings. Xforms Professional is proven to deliver.

Your forms can be well-organised, easy to use and integrated

Jadu XForms Professional (XFP) applies web standards to make using interactive forms simple and accessible from any web-enabled device.

It can be integrated with external applications (e.g. a Customer Relationship Management system), allowing those systems to manipulate and retrieve form-based information, managed by Jadu.

We’re thrilled to have selected Jadu CMS.

The web changes have introduced a range of improvements including more efficient and customer focused services with financial savings.

Andrew Unsworth, Head of e-Government, The City of Edinburgh Council

Easy to build, packed with analytics, and both interactive and accessible.

With data capture, security is everything. Digitise your institution, remove paper forms and provide outstanding usable, rich and mobile friendly online services with confidence.

Your organisation will be provided with the tools to deliver a rich and engaging experience for your customers.

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