So long and thanks for all the results

Web Content Management is married to Search. It's certainly interesting to see how its being implemented to solve big web content issues.

Experimentation with Google-style homepages presents an interesting idea I thought I'd share (I've always been a BIG fan of stripping a local government page down to just search).

What can you / do you index?

Lots of large sites now have Google Mini's or GSAs as their search - and making the most of them isn't all that difficult. You can very easily build collections that index other sites this is generally OK if  a) It's your content / websites OR b) if you are public sector / government you ask permission from the public service site you want to index).

I'm hopeful a few Local Government organisations we know, will be delivering their search pages to index Police, Fire, Health services and services for young people. Enfield Council in London have done this recently:  - this went live in June 2009

There is also: - this went live in late 2007 - this went live mid 2008  - went live late 2008 - this went live early 2009

They all do a reasonable job of simplifying a huge amount of content. It's going to be interesting to watch how these ideas evolve.

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