Creating a blue ocean of new possibilities

A few weeks ago, Jadu announced that we have moved our Jadu Universe Platform to Continuous Delivery and killed upgrades, forever.

As an enterprise software team, we believe that by shipping incremental updates frequently (every 2 weeks) rather than huge upgrades once or twice a year, customers enjoy better security, richer features and a lower cost of ownership - through not having to implement huge upgrade releases. Besides, our cloud based products were already shipping features incrementally - so why not our enterprise platforms too?

When we tested the idea or releasing every 2 weeks with a few customers some months ago, the reaction was mixed. There was some concern that such frequent releases meant things would break more. Customers could see the benefits but the fear of instability was a real and valid concern. So we decided to incrementally move customers instead. Over a period of many months, we worked with our customers to both make the change to the Continuous Delivery platform (we call it Jadu Continuum) and to work with them to build the value proposition - so others would see the benefits clearly.

We were grateful to our customers for telling us their concerns and challenges. It really helped us understand the value well beyond what we originally conceived. When we spoke to one of our customers who have recently moved to the Continuous Delivery model the business case, value proposition and case study shone through. We had no idea of the potential impact a small company could have and what we now know is that it would probably take a long, long time for our competitors to catch up.

Martin Reeves, the Chief Executive of Coventry City Council gave us a clear and passionate view on why it wasn't just a good thing that we implemented this change but that if all software vendors in the public sector would follow suit, the impact would be huge.

I've never been a big believer in Market Research. The market only tells you what the market knows. If you have an idea and you passionately believe it's the right idea, your customers will get behind it and then support it in ways you will find amazing. All you have to do is prove it. At Jadu, we're entirely driven by customers and their voices are always the clearest, most divisive. It's really great to have such positive feedback on Continuous Delivery and we're super excited about the other significant changes we're making at Jadu that will build an ocean of new opportunities for our customers.

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