What's new in Jadu XFP Continuum #13

Continuum #13 is the most significant release of XFP since our move to continuous releases.

Aside from some bug fixes to issues raised since our last release, we’ve added a couple of really useful improvements to the core product. This release we have:

  • Added PayBridge to the core software (This is HUGE!)
  • Refined the secure transfer of files
  • Improved form variables
  • Improved data retention features

OK - First some technical stuff about secure file transfer.

The first of these is a back-end change to how SFTP and SCP connectors work. These previously used the SSH2 module in PHP, which meant servers using them needed modified security settings. It also prevented us from offering these connectors to WISP customers. In this release, we’ve changed SFTP and SCP to use PHP cURL. This means that no security modifications or extra libraries are needed to use these connectors, and WISP customers can now use them too. What’s more, as PHP cURL is already a requirement of Jadu CMS, no changes will be needed to existing connectors after patching - they’ll just continue to work.


SCP and SFTP connectors are not the only parts of XFP to be optimised. We’ve also modified data retention, to improve its efficiency and performance when clearing down large amounts of data.


Can form variables get any better? This iteration makes life easier for the user.

Continuum #13 also includes a feature which builds on our recent changes to Form Variables in XFP. It is now possible to use a previous answer as the first element in an integrated component. For example, a form may collect a user’s address and postcode, and then later provide a postcode lookup integrated component for a delivery address. Before this release, the user would have had to enter their postcode twice. Now, the postcode lookup integrated component can take the data from the first question, meaning that the user will be presented with a list of addresses to choose from straight away, without having to enter their postcode again.


And now for the good part. PayBridge - the new way to do ePayments is here!

Whilst these changes really improve the existing functionality of XFP, the most exciting part of this release is the addition of PayBridge, Jadu’s new payments platform to replace the older Jadu ePay.


This adds the functionality of the older Jadu ePay module into XFP for the first time, but with a completely redesigned and more modern interface, which complements the recently repainted Jadu CMS. As part of XFP, PayBridge will also benefit from continuous releases, providing innovative new features and important security updates every two weeks.


Speaking of features, PayBridge already includes some brand new functionality over the old Jadu ePay. PayBridge is designed to work with a variety of third-party payment providers, and is not limited to just a single payment provider per server. It is possible to integrate different forms with separate payment providers. In fact, even different routes of the same form can be integrated with separate payment providers. PayBridge also includes support for Mail Order & Telephone Order payments (MOTO) out of the box, including complete integration with Internal Forms in XFP and different currencies, displaying the correct currency for your location based on server locale.



The XFP Team (and Jadu's Director of Engineering, Andy Perkins (ap49) - who is the Godfather of XFP) are looking forward to hearing feedback on XFP Continuum #13.

To start using PayBridge if you are an existing Jadu ePay user, contact Jadu Support to discuss upgrade and adding the front-end scripts to your site. If you have Jadu XFP, but not ePay - you’ll need to purchase the module with an adapter for the payment provider you wish to integrate with (i.e. Civica, Barclaycard, SagePay, Worldpay, Adalante or similar). At least one adapter must be installed to start accepting payments, but PayBridge’s Control Centre interfaces can be previewed by ticking ‘PayBridge’ under Admin Privileges after your platform has been patched.


Existing Jadu ePay customers can upgrade to Continuum #13 too, as PayBridge will be disabled by default. Of course, if you are currently using ePay on XFP Continuum, you can upgrade to PayBridge at any time - just contact Jadu Support.

Continuum #13 is available to download from support.jadu.net now. Jadu XFP Engineer James Manley (@jamesmanley90) also made a short video giving an overview and demo of the new features. For a more detailed demo of PayBridge see our tutorial videos on the XFP channel.


PayBridge is an optional module that can be added to your XFP Software. If you are interested in adding accessible, mobile friendly payments to your platform - just let us know!


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