Are you getting the best from us by using the latest versions of Jadu?

Jadu is one of the world's best content management systems, and is used to power some of the biggest public sector and government websites. We want to make sure you are getting the best from your platform.

We have been continually improving and updating Jadu’s amazing functionality, and we have now reached the point where it is time to focus on the latest releases and end the support we provide for the earlier versions of Jadu.  The continuous update process requires version 1.12 LAMP / WISP and is not available for any other versions of Jadu. 

As part of this development process, Jadu will cease supporting old versions of our software, from 30th September 2016:

  • Jadu CMS v1.9.x to CMS v1.11.x
  • Jadu XFP v1.1.x to XFP v1.2.x

We are also retiring certain website features: functionality that is no longer in use by the majority of our customers. It is unlikely this will affect your website significantly - you may not even notice these changes. If you are using one of the older versions of Jadu, don’t worry! You still have plenty of time to upgrade. We’re happy to guide you through the process.

With Jadu Continuum CMS and XFP you will benefit from our new regular and frequent software updating process, you will receive continuous smaller updates which are quick and simple to apply. Updating your Jadu software regularly is important in many ways - it makes your software safer, quicker and easier to navigate, and gives you better functionality, new features and lots of additional benefits.

Some questions answered:

What are the changes that Jadu make every two weeks?
Jadu will release bug-fixes, features and security patches into iterative releases. There are no front-end template changes / updates in the continuous releases.

How will changes affect my implementation?
Simple changes (some new features, bug fixes and security patches) will be implemented and there is generally no implication for you. You may need to provide training support to your users where a new feature change is made and the way to achieve something in the software changes - but we will always let you know and provide plenty of advance notice.

How will changes affect my templates?
We try and avoid making large API changes to the core of the software wherever possible as this results in the requirement to change front-end templates. Since your organisation owns the front-end templates of your site implementations, we will provide documentation on the changes and it is your choice to implement the changes either internally or through SPACECRAFT as a paid professional service.

How often will my software be updated?
Often, Jadu will implement the update for you through Jadu support, as the update will resolve issues you may have reported through the Jadu support portal. Jadu will update a live and (if supported) QA/UAT system whenever it becomes required to patch your system. This can be implemented by your own internal technical resources.

Will I ever have to pay for upgrades again?
No. We intend to continually release the Jadu Continuum platform on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL, PHP) and WISP (Windows, IIS, SQL Server, PHP) distributions so that no customer falls out of date.

Do I need to be on Jadu Continuum LAMP / WISP to benefit?
Yes. The continuous update process requires version 1.12 LAMP / WISP and is not available for any other versions of Jadu. Jadu Continuum is not available on .NET installations.

What will happen when the support period ends?
The functionality won't be deactivated overnight, and we won't take any action to remove it from your website.  However we won't work to resolve bugs that are reported in these modules after the support period ends.

Will the functionality continue to work?
Yes, these modules should continue to work indefinitely on your current platform. However, they may not be compatible with future Continuum updates that we release.

Will you be releasing an alternative to PlanX Live and HRLive?
No, we do not plan to release like for like alternatives, however we recognise that some of the modules contain really useful functionality. Where we can, we are working on other ways to continue to offer this.

If you are not maintaining PlanX Live and HRLive, can I?
Yes, we are happy to distribute the source code for old modules to our customers, through GitHub, should you wish to maintain it yourself. 

What if a security vulnerability is found?
If we are made aware of security issues in the product, we will notify customers that we know have that product still installed. Our recommendation will be to remove the module at that point, and we will work with you to achieve this. We will not be releasing new security patches once the support period has expired.

I've got another question, can I talk to someone?
Absolutely, you can contact Jadu via Support or just call us and we will answer any questions you have.

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