Automate the management of school closures - and save significant cost and effort

We're super proud of our friends at Highland Council, who have won an award for their School Closures Automation app.

Highland Council Awards

Left to Right: Matt Jenkins (Digital Services Officer), Heather Butlin (Digital Services Officer), Stuart Downie (Digital Services Officer), Darren MacLeod (Digital services ManagerAward Presented by: Steve Lauri  Business Development & Account Manager, Energy Efficiency E.ON UK and Kirsteen MacDonald BBC Scotland.


Last year, Stuart Downie from Highland Council presented at Jadu Academy on a neat school closures app the council had built using Jadu Directories and a few other standard Jadu features.

With a little bit of work from a developer - using the components together enables the council to automate many of the tasks that need doing when bad weather strikes and schools have to close. Cancelling school meals for example - something you don’t really think about when your local school is forced to close - but costs the council (lots of) money and potential waste.

We’re really pleased to say the web team at Highland has won an award for the service! Highland Council offers its departments the opportunity to nominate what they think are the best outcomes and projects. The web team won the “Delivering service improvement and efficiency” category. The awards were judged by Ian Donald, Deputy Chief Officer, Highland Third Sector Interface

Darren MacLeod, Digital Services Manager at Highland Council said: “It’s rare that an ICT project wins such an award given the scope of all the social care and development improvements that the council undertakes.”

Watch the video of Stuart's talk on delivering the school closures service:

Learn more about Highland Council- or get in touch if you would like to know more.

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