Changes at Jadu - we're regenerating!

Jadu has a new brand and we've launched a specialist, stand-alone digital services agency called 'Spacecraft Digital'. We're also unveiling a new CRM system - called Jadu CXM.

Jadu Team in 2015

Today, we're announcing that Jadu is regenerating! With a new brand, a new startup Digital Agency and a new cloud based CRM service.

We started Jadu 15 years ago, almost to the day. Back then, like now, we had huge ambitions. We wanted to make software that made a real difference. We wanted to help people make huge websites that made people's lives easier - so we decided to focus on markets where we knew we could effect the most change - Government and Higher Education.  The barriers to entering the global internet software market were massive. We were just a small team (four people to be precise) and we were focused on making software.

Unlike many software companies when they start, two of those four were designers - we started with design. We made software that enabled great design.

This meant that we had to develop skills in professional services. We hired project managers, designers, front end developers - and built an amazing capability for delivering the software we made.  Of course, that meant we competed with other services-based companies - and invariably, because we were so close to the process we had some great success in Local Government and later in Higher Education. Thanks to some amazing customers we’ve become well known in the public sector both here in the UK, the US, and in Australia. The same is true in working through our partners who resell Jadu Software across the globe.

What we’ve found as we’ve grown is that in order to deliver great service a team needs to be focused. We were balancing the need for delivering great service and value for our customers with software engineering. Inevitably, we had to decide what we wanted to be. A great design business focused on user needs, or a great software company working closely with its users to develop great software. We made that hard decision. We chose both.

Restructuring for growth

We decided that in order to scale across the globe and so we could focus on our partners - we could not compete with them. We also decided that in order to drive a richer set of creative digital services we could not be tied to one technology. So we decided to restructure.

From October 1st:

Our professional services team became SPACECRAFT Digital. An independent creative digital agency that operates to research, design, build and host digital services and websites. SPACECRAFT Digital will continue to provide the support, hosting and professional services to all Jadu customers.

Jadu will focus on software engineering, working exclusively through partners. We also thought hard about our products and our product strategy, going back to our roots. We decided to focus ​the development of​ our software platform, Jadu Continuum, on customer service and helping you serve and collaborate with your customers. Here are the three principles we created:

  1. Publishing tools that focus on writing, workflow, security and audit

  2. Forms that are easy to build, transactional and integrate with back office systems

  3. CRM that connects customers directly to the organisation in real-time

Customer communication in real-time

We know that legacy CRM is a huge barrier to getting things done. Expensive and hard to upgrade. So we're launching Jadu CXM - a real-time, collaborative app that lets you create and manage customer interactions and expectations in real time, keeping your customers informed and up to date. CXM is at the intersection of CRM and instant chat - with features you will actually use and a direct connection to your customers so you can deliver services and solve problems together.

continuum advert logos

Jadu Continuum. Everything / Possible.

We also took that thinking time to iterate our branding too. Launching a new Jadu logo and updated brand values that reflect our renewed focus on customer service oriented software and the iterative release process we have developed.

We’re really proud of the success we’ve shared with our customers over the last 15 years. Here’s to the next 15 years of iterative growth and great world class digital experiences for customers. We certainly don't need to travel forward in time to see just how exciting things will get!


Thanks to David O'Flynn for the theme tune.


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