Does the world need another Twitter client?

Twitter is the social networking platform du jour and has spawned a whole ecosystem of sites, software and terminology. Jadu want to provide tools to their customers to enhance the Twitter experience.

Twitter provides a simple and comprehensive API that allows developers to tap in to and create their own applications. Twitter's openness has meant that third party apps have proliferated. While it's no longer necessary to visit to stay connected and involved, the API and applications based on it are no doubt a huge part of Twitter's success.

With so many third party clients out there, why have we decided to create our own? I think the answer to this lies in our involvement in developing software, web sites and social media tools in the enterprise. Social networking and other cutting edge trends and technologies are not uniformly accepted in the enterprise. Adoption is patchy and not guaranteed, yet as social media becomes a necessary part of creating and maintaining relationships with customers, tools must be created that allows businesses to get involved with confidence.

Jadu's Twitter client provides a number of tools that add value to the standard offering from Twitter, including workflow, scheduled tweets, saved searches and multiple accounts. These tools combine to provide a brand mangement package.

Workflow provides a degree of separation between authoring a Tweet and sending it. Sending a Tweet is just as easy as ever, but if Tweets require authorisation then the facility is built in.

Scheduling allows Tweets to be sent at some time in the future, maybe to coincide with other news, announcements or releases. This also integrates with workflow to only allow approved Tweets to be sent to Twitter at the scheduled time.

The ability to save searches is very important for anyone who spends a lot of time on Twitter. Saved searches allows the monitoring of search terms, for example to answer questions such as "who's talking about my product?", "what's the latest people are saying about xxx?" and "who said something on the 4th when we updated our web site?".

The great part about the multiple accounts feature is that a CMS user can make their Twitter account private to them while also having access to shared accounts, i.e. being able to access a personal account while also being able to collaborate and contribute to a corporate company account.
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There are 2 responses to “Does the world need another Twitter client?”

  1. Said Says:

    So when are you going to release it then.

  2. Suraj Says:

    We're planning to implement for our beta customers first and once out of beta, we'll be offering upgrades with the new Social Media module to all our supported customers under the Jadu CMS Clearwater release.

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