Creating a better experience for developers

We've been working on making developers and systems administrators lives easier over the last few weeks and we’ve focused on creating a new, improved way to set up a new installation of Jadu Continuum Platform and configuring settings.

We recently wrote about the continuous release process and how we are now moving faster with Jadu platform than ever before, releasing features and fixes at an incredible pace.

One of the things we have learned on this journey is that by releasing as frequently as every two weeks, customers also need to be able to test their customisations, bespoke apps and unique templates against test and development environments more often. This has made the install and configuration routine much more important.

So we’ve completely re-designed the install and configure experience...

new continuum installer

Now, technical users can benefit from:

  • Streamlined installation - you don’t need to set up everything when you first install, we’ve cut down the values to the bare minimum using sensible defaults for the rest to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
  • A beefed-up site settings section - you don’t need to fiddle with XML files or database values to change the most common settings on your site. We’ve a much more powerful site settings section to tailor your site to your preference.

Whilst we love creating new and better experiences for our non-technical users, we hope this little feature release makes a huge difference for our technical users, making life just that little bit easier.

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