and ASBOrometer is the UK's source for Government collected Open Data and is available for use in third-party applications and websites.

­­It's not been that long since opened for all to use and already an iPhone application has made it to Apple's App Store which utilises a small portion of this data. The ASBOrometer uses data from the 2009 Place Based Survey to which is a record of the percentages of people who think anti-social behaviour is a problem in that area.­

After downloading the application you are then asked whether you agree to let it use your current location. If you do then it will show a report for the current constituent based on the aforementioned report. My current location was detected as "Oadby & Wigston" which is in the East Midlands and reported this as 14.9% which is a low-level of anti-social behaviour. It also provides simple statistics for the area such as the population (reported as 56,800), the police force, and the number of ASBOs issued. You can then view further statistics for categories such as "Eviction Orders issued" and "Demotion  Orders issued" which show a nice quarterly graph to show how these have changed over time. The way these statistics are named it kind of makes me feel like they're computer game statistics for a game like Grand Theft Auto.

In addition to these location-aware statistics you can also use a built in Google Maps tab to view all the data on a map which can then be viewed by selecting push-pins. If you're not very good at knowing the geographic location of places you want to check then you can also view a list of searchable areas which show the percentage score in the list also, and a tap goes to the detail view.

In a strange sort of twist it also features a leaderboard which shows them in descending order with the top one being the one with the highest percentage of ASBOs. Overall the application may seem quite strange, but it does two things. Firstly it demonstrates practical usage of open data provided by the Government in a fairly detail application. Secondly it is useful for those who are moving home and want to see what the area they're moving to is going to be like in terms of the level of perceived anti-social behaviour. The application is also available for Android phones.

­Screenshot from ASBOrometer for iPhone

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