Changes to data retention in XFP

The XFP team here at Jadu HQ have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the way submitted data is stored in forms making sure that you, as users, only keep hold of it for as long as you need to.

So to make things easier, we’ve made some improvements in our control centre and these will be available for all of our users of XFP as of now!

Why comply?

It’s really important to comply with data retention policies as international and regional privacy laws require that personal data is retained no longer than absolutely necessary, for the purpose it was obtained. Users are responsible for securely disposing of any personal data when it’s no longer required, which is all best (security) practice and a good habit to get into.

So what’s changed?

We understand the importance of complying with data retention policies and have made significant improvements to how you can manage this better. Here’s a few of the key changes we’ve made:

1. Default Policies

You can now setup default policies. Default policies apply to all new forms and existing forms that do not already have any policies configured. To set them up (individual or multiple), just navigate to XForms Pro > Data Retention in your control centre and use the new drag drop interface to build out your policies.  

2. New User Interface

We’ve redesigned the pages for configuring form specific retention policies so they’re simplified and more intuitive to use.

3. Cleardown on submission

Sometimes it may be required to clear down user data immediately on submission, after the form actions have successfully triggered of course! We’ve made this possible on a per form basis, simply toggle the “on submission” control to enable this. Or if you only want to keep the data for a certain amount of time, for example if an unregistered user has completed a form, you can set their data to be securely deleted after five days.

4. Reporting data cleardown

Data retention now gives the option of clearing down reporting data. In earlier versions, retention policies would only remove user identifiable data (form responses, email logs, payment records etc…) and leave reporting data intact. Now you can also choose to remove this reporting data also.


We're always making changes to continuously improve the service our users receive, keep an eye on our blog for information on more product updates. Or check out our release notes, updated every two weeks, here.

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