Role on!

Continuum is a flexible and extensive platform packed with features, tools and modules but this new update to the control centre, to make your lives easier, is one we think you’ll be particularly pleased about.

So what is it?

Role based access control (RBAC) makes it easier to manage the privileges that are given to a group of similar users. Each role specifies the functionality that a user has access to within your platform, helping you create and organise administrators in your organisation more efficiently. Whether you’ve got content authors, landing page designers or developers, the potential for hundreds of users logging into the CMS needs a bit of control in terms of who has access to what. We know this assigning process might have been a bit of a painful before but now, you can easily give each person or group of people the role or access they need, and not what they don't.

How does it work?

When you’re on ‘Admin Privileges’, you'll notice a new tab, 'Roles'. From here you can create a new role, giving it a title, privilege level, selecting relevant settings and importantly permissions to CMS functionality. And save. That simple! Then, assign this new role to a new or existing user with ease (sigh of relief).

Why have we done this?

We understand that managing the access control of hundreds of administrators is a challenge. People leave, new people start - it can be hard to keep up with who needs access to what. We’ve listened to your feedback, and know that this is especially hard at the very start of your project. In many cases, most of your users need the same set of permissions and it’s much easier to only need to set this up once. Roles take out the tedium of granting access to new functionality and makes auditing admin access straightforward.  

Check out this video to see how it works.

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