A new packaging and deployment tool

With the release of Continuum XFP #35 comes a new version of our Meteor tool. If you’ve ever patched your Jadu installation then you will have used Meteor, our packaging and deployment tool.

So what changes have been made?

The new version brings the ability to combine patches together as one. This allowed us to include the compatible CMS package as part of the latest XFP package. When next applying the XFP patch you will no longer need to apply the CMS patch first. There’s just one package to transfer to your server and just one command to run to apply it - and it’s as easy as that!

Why did we create a new version of Meteor?

With this approach, we will speed up the patching process, reduce any incurred downtime and remove the confusion surrounding compatible product versions. That’s the real benefit for customers, saving you time and making the platform more efficient.

What about front-end packages?

As well as combining the product packages, it is also now possible to combine front-end and custom development code with the product packages. In some scenarios this will reduce the total number of patches to apply down from three to one. The support team will soon start providing fully combined packages rather than individual packages.

I don’t apply patches, what does this mean for me?

Previously multiple patches needed to be applied separately meaning a longer patch process and more potential for downtime. If our support team apply patches to your server they will now use a combined package approach.

Open source

If you are interested in following the development of the Meteor tool then you can do so on GitHub as the tool has now been open sourced. We plan to continue improving the tool to achieve our goal of making patching as seamless as possible.

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