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With this release of Continuum, we’ve unlocked the power of end to end eBookings using our core products XFP, CMS & CXM along with some intelligent calendar integration to help transform and simplify booking services.

How does it work?

When you go to create a form, you’ll see a new option ‘Event Booking’ appear.  First, select a calendar to store the bookings in and configure the question. Events can be all day or specific time slots, you can limit the maximum number of slots per day, set the start and end time. After this,  provide a template for the title, location and description of the event created in the calendar.

It is possible to handle bookings for a wide variety of event types with the amount of flexibility in the configuration of events.

What can I use this for?

With this new feature, it is now possible to create a form for booking a house repair, bulky waste collection or football pitches, for example. As a customer completes the form they select an available time slot, and it is automatically reserved to prevent double booking. Once the form is completed the event will be marked as confirmed within the calendar. Unconfirmed events will be expired automatically and removed from the calendar after a configurable period of time to make them available to other customers again.

Right now the events can be stored in an Office 365 Outlook calendar, but the feature has been developed to allow any calendar service to be utilised with an integration.

Key features

  • Book individual time slots or all day events.
  • Allow multiple bookings for the same time slot.
  • Selected time slots will be reserved for a specified period of time.
  • Works out the box with Office 365 Outlook with the ability to support more services.

Check out our feature video here:

If you’re interested in implementing this brand new feature, contact our Spacecraft Digital professional service team and they’ll be happy to arrange this for you. Give them a call on 0116 2722242 or email hello@spacecraftdigital.com.

Find out more about eBookings and request a demo at www.jadu.net/ebookings.

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