4 ways CMS reports will help your content audit

As every good web manager will tell you, it’s essential to audit your content regularly if you want your site content to remain relevant and engaging.


The new Reports utility in Continuum CMS, has just made this a whole lot easier.

When auditing your content, you’re going to want to find all the content on your website and then take a look at some key metrics for those pages. Here’s our take on 4 ways that Reports can help you do that.

  1. Create a full inventory of your content.
    Before you can start your audit, you need an inventory of the content in your CMS. Ideally, you’re going to want to track some key pieces of information such as what type of page it is, the title of the page and a link to that content.

    Key reports: Content by live status, Content by visible status

  2. Double check any pages that aren’t visible on your website.
    There are lots of reasons why you might have some archived content on your website - but during your audit is the perfect time to review whether that those pages should actually be live.

    Key reports: Content by live status, Content by visible status

  3. Make sure every page has an active owner.
    It's crucial that every page has an engaged and active owner. Pages with an owner who has left the organisation or stopped logging into the content management system are never going to be updated and maintained.

    Key reports: Orphaned content, dormant users, Content owned by user, Locked owner

  4. Identify content that’s not been edited in a long time.
    Some pages don’t need to change often, but pages that haven’t been updated for a while should be reviewed during your content audit. It can be a sign that the original author has abandoned that page, in which case there’s a chance the content of the page won’t be as relevant as it could be.

    Key reports: Content not modified in period

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