Personal notes and alerts coming soon in CXM

Personal notes and alerts will provide staff with additional information about a customer, when providing a service or talking to them on the phone.

We’re adding an exciting new feature to our Customer Experience Management service ‘Jadu CXM’ which will enable you to create notes / alerts on a customer profile. This will help your staff to be more informed when dealing with a customer’s case, or when simply talking to them on the phone.

Any important notes that need the attention of staff users, can be elevated to an alert. For example, if you have a customer who calls up and may need a little more support from your staff, such as a ‘hearing impairment’ - your staff member can give other members of staff a ‘heads-up’ that this customer may need some additional support.

Any notes created will be highlighted to staff users on all cases relating to the customer, as well as when accessing the customer’s record.

“Personal Notes will give your customer service teams a heads up about who's calling or requesting a service. Understanding a little bit about a customer's unique needs before and while you interact can make all the difference in a great customer experience”.

Watch this short video to show you how it works.

Personal notes in Jadu CXM

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