London Borough User Group

On Friday 22nd of July we held our first Jadu user group.  Having eight London boroughs it made sense to try this format out with authorities close to each other and who face similar issues.

Earlier this year we began a customer care programme and part of the feedback from many of our users was the prospect of holding regular Jadu user groups.

To help plan the event all invitees were able to access a private page on the website.  On this page was a feature using the UserVoice service. This allowed people to suggest and vote on topics for the agenda.  Our idea for these meetings was that the agenda really needed to be set by our customers and users rather than something we dictated.

The first meeting was kindly held at Bromley and to kick start the session we had Graham Noad from Local Directgov attend, we had met him the previous week at BPCW11 and he was keen to come and meet some of our users. Graham spoke about their syndicated content and the XML feeds that they provide.

Keiron Mumby (Sales Manager) then started with the only sales pitch of the day, a quick but effective overview of our Mobile Platform, it's fair to say there was a great deal of interest in the room.

We then gave an introduction to the Jadu MarketPlace with an overview of some of the widgets currently online and some of the things we have planned. It's clear that despite our marketing and messaging through email for MarketPlace it isn't until you talk about the concept and how it works that people take an interest. Something we must push I feel through these types of events and of course at our next Experience Day in November.  

The next part of the session involved going around the room and letting each user talk about their objectives with their respective websites and where they are with their Jadu implementations.

In general we need to facilitate the sharing of good practice between our customers. They all face similar challenges yet the resources available to them differ vastly.  Throughout the discussions the topic of content migration came up quite a bit.  We did have a secret weapon up our sleeves though and that is our plug-in for Firefox, this allows content to be easily copied and added to the CMS and then later categorised. Although this product is in Beta it goes without saying this will be of great interest to our customers.

The first meeting was a success and hopefully we can replicate the enthusiasm of this group throughout the rest of the Jadu community.  The group between themselves suggested these be hosted every two months. The next London Borough User Group meeting is scheduled for September the 9th.

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