Sponsoring and Speaking at PHP North West 2011

We love sending our developers to conferences. They're a great place to learn new things, meet other developers and generally spend a few days geeking out.

This year we took our conference involvement to the next level in more ways than one: sponsoring PHP North West and speaking there too. PHP North West is a great conference, vying with the UK PHP Conference as the best conference on these shores. There are always great speakers and great great delegates, passionate about PHP, and the venue and food is excellent.

Sponsoring the conference was an opportunity for us to put ourselves out there as a company that are looking for developers and talk to people about what a great place to work Jadu is. We spoke to lots of people but if we didn't manage to speak to you head over to jadu.net/jobs for more information.

Two sessions really stood out this year. Scott Macvicar's talk about scaling development teams gave reference and insight into how the development team at Facebook works together efficiently. Particularly interesting was Facebook's development and use of Phabricator (http://phabricator.org/), which they use for reviewing code before it is checked in. It was also interesting to learn that there are no particular testers at Facebook but that all engineers, and I expect the whole company, are responsible for testing and eating their own dog food.

A second highlight was Rowan Merewood's talk about estimation in software projects. Despite some severe technical problems Rowan gave a great talk about different methods of estimation, common reasons why estimates can be inaccurate and how to get them right.

This year we also had the opportunity to speak about our use of and involvement with the Phalanger project. It was great to be able to share our experience with using Phalanger, how we use it and what it can do.

We'll certainly be back again next year.


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