FREE WEBINAR: Completely Break Free from Paper Forms, with eSignatures

The summer season technically started less than a month ago, but before long we’ll be bombarded with back to school campaign ads.

They seem to follow the footsteps of their Christmas counterparts, popping up earlier and earlier every year… a well-placed reminder that the start of the Fall semester is never far off.

Like the beginning of every school year, students across the globe will soon log in to their university’s online student management system where they’ll lay the groundwork for a successful semester (or at least for a permissive schedule with an 11 a.m. start).

However, your concerns likely fall into a different arena… one partially defined by required disclosures, collecting financial aid elections and tuitions, and ensuring FERPA guidelines are followed. 

From a distance, it may not seem all that intimidating… 

But, remaining compliant with Department of Education standards and similar regulation while best serving your student population is often an intricate practice with many entwined procedures… particularly when financial aid processes are in play.

You likely know that the U.S. Dept of Ed. requests income information from dependent students and their guardians—as well as independent students—to determine their eligibility for federal or private financial assistance. According to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a U.S. student’s information must remain private from his or her guardian, yet both the guardian’s and the dependent student’s information must be submitted as part of the same Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) submission. Most countries, including the U.K., have similar regulations guiding the privacy of students and guardians. 

Adhering to this and similar regulations can be complicated when forms are digitally completed and signed… especially when considering accompanying I.D. and authentication requirements.

Jadu and AssureSign, together with Shamrock Solutions, simplify this and other complex digital processes by combining the power of managed eForms and electronic signatures. With the integrated Jadu-AssureSign content management solution, institutions can offer students and guardians a secure method of digitally completing and signing forms. Additionally, for situations with unique identification requirements such as financial aid processes, you can effortlessly activate the Knowledge Base Authentication (KBA) feature (provided through AssureSign) to uniquely identify and authenticate users.

Register for the free webinar on Thursday 12th July at 2 p.m. CST and discover how Jadu’s content management solution provides:

  • Knowledge Base Authentication (KBA) to validate users based on government-verified personal identifying information (PII). 
  • Digital completion of sensitive documents and eForms using legal and verifiable eSignatures.
  • The capacity to integrate with your current student management system, keeping documents and operations centralized and convenient for students and staff. 
  • An end-to-end online process (internally and externally) which works with your back-office systems
  • And much more…

Save your spot to the upcoming webinar with Jadu, Shamrock Solutions and AssureSign on Thursday 12th July to start digitally transforming your sensitive forms and processes

Sign up now!

Written by Jackson Tyler Burke (, Guest Blogger.

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