Behind Better Connected 2012 release day - like watching code in the matrix

All the work our customer, SOCITM puts into the Better Connected report comes to a head on March 1st - but what is the behind scenes story?

Back in March 2010 (yes, two years ago!), we blogged about how the Better Connected report had over 700 downloads per hour thanks to Jadu's integraiton with the SOCITM back office systems.

It was the first month that SOCITM had been live with their Jadu CMS and GoldVision CRM. SOCITM designed their site in-house (I often get asked) - but a team at Jadu had worked long and hard to integrate the member CRM system to the CMS and provide a sophisticated and automated management system - going way beyond content management. A truly transactional site.

SOCITM had a really old Microsoft Content Management Systems (MCMS) which was out of version support and creaking at the seams. Jadu migrated them, built the site and managed the entire integration - as well as developing custom modules to implement their Events management and Insite subscriber management.

That year, the SOCITM office experienced a radical change. There were barely any phone calls into the office with reported issues in accessing the report. It was channel shift in the truest sense. It was channel shift delivered by the organisation that consults with Local Government to implement it.

It's fair to say that what you see on the website is the very tip of a huge iceberg. In fact, its deeply integrated to both CRM and Financial systems - delivering SOCITM Insite subscription based content seamlessly based on your level of membership.

Two years later, that system is still fully operational. It's still Jadu CMS 1.8.0 - a whole four major releases old!

Yet on March 1st 2012, SOCITM experienced the same massive incline in downloads for Better Connected 2012. Over 400 downloads per hour.

In fact, there were 29 downloads in the first 30 seconds - I was one of them!

Here's the obligatory graph:

better connected 2012

At 7.30 am, a team of Jadugars opened up Universe House to ensure the launch ran smoothly. At 8am (precisely) we watched a pretty loaded (single) Apache webserver, but it coped beautifully. (TekNet, SOCITM's trusted hosting provider - have a great set up and provide great support.)

We found a caching issue with the 433 individual results Excel files for each council (something new for 2012) - and resolved it in time for the first downloads to start.

We saw a lot of 'forgotten passwords' and according to Carl Newton (the SOCITM Web Manager), the calls into the office were members who thought they had subscriptions to Insite (but didn't). 

Other than that - the SOCITM office enjoyed mostly radio silence as the #BC12 twitter stream sprang into life. It was like watching code in the matrix. Activity shot up (see above) and a stream of fault free downloads started. Like watching water rushing over Niagara falls.

As of writing, there have been over 2860 downloads of the FULL Better Connected 2012 report, and certainly not 433 calls into the SOCITM office! I suspect you could count the calls on one hand.

Everyone got their reports (Some got great reports).

We'll dedicate this post to Carl Newton, who manages the SOCITM website CMS, XFP and Retail systems and works pretty hard so posts like this can be written and to the Jadugars who worked so hard for all this to work seamlessly for the past three years.

I'm sure SOCITM will be successful in the future and we wish them luck.


More on the Better Connected 2012 Report and how Jadu clients did.

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  1. Carl Newton Says:

    I really need to read your blog more. I totally missed this. Another successful year this year too! Congrats on all of those 4 star councils you're powering. Thanks for the shout-out, and the support.

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