Better Connected 2013 Report Results

In the absence of any other benchmark, Better Connected is still the de-facto report on Local Government website performance... but what happened behind the scenes?

The Better Connected 2013 report results showed many more Local Authority websites achieving the Four and Three star status - and the new introduction of the 'mobile' rating is a recognition by SOCITM that the web is changing.

Like watching code in the Matrix

I wrote last year, about how we supported SOCITM during the Better Connected Report launch. Last year, there were 29 downloads in the first 30 seconds and over 400 downloads in the first hour (one of which was me!). I think it's fair to say the SOCITM server gets put through it's paces!

As an aside, SOCITM's website authentication is integrated with their GOLDVISION CRM system, which is the basis of all member information. Everytime you log-in to the SOCITM site, it knows who you are, your membership level and if you are able to download selected protected files. That's completely automated through the CMS to CRM integration!

This year was no exception. The downloads started promptly at 8am when Carl Newton, SOCITMs web manager and talented web guru, launched the Better Connected 2013 campaign on the website.

Here's how that looked:

socitm better connected 2013 downloads per hour

The graph shows a massive surge in file transfer requests. The '' was over 12mb.

So this year, downloads were slightly lower, just missing the 400 per hour mark received last year. But that's not the important thing...

The launch went utterly without event. No calls to the office, no noticable issues on download - and as the requests poured in, the Twitter stream came to life. Like code in the Matrix. SOCITM's very own Channel Shift.

Something Changed in the Matrix this year - Understanding Responsive Web Design

matrixThe new things - the things every Jadugar is obsessed about - is mobile and Responsive Web Design (RWD). SOCITM call this 'mobile templates' - which is clearly very wrong. However, given the 'newness' of RWD, we're really excited that mobile has had such great coverage this year.

This is all great news - we can only hope that SOCITM reviewers will invest time in understanding what RWD is and next year, look at how hard some authorities are working to build businesses cases to change - in some cases, organisations that are endemically resistant to change. Real innovation - often overlooked and so important and highly prevalent in this market.

Finally, we are very proud of the Jadu powered authorities that got the headlines. The FOUR that made the TOP20 list, the 7 that got four star ratings, the 18 that got 3 star - but mostly, the ALL the council web managers and teams that put 1000% into their jobs despite the huge issues they face in today's unprecidented and uncertain climate.  If only it was just the technology that got these accolades. The tech certainly helps - but we all know it isn't. It's passion.

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