No more costly upgrades: Moving your digital strategy faster-forward

Universe Continuum: the Continuous Delivery process and how it will save you time, cost and increase agility.

Jadu Universe Platform (CMS and Forms) is widely used in Local Government, Higher Ed and Business in the UK, US and now in Australia... and we are so incredibly proud of all our customers and how they have strived to create simpler, clearer websites for millions of people to use - against a back drop of unprecedented financial cuts and resource challenges. 

Welcome to the Continuum...

Over the past 18 months, Jadu have been busy making significant changes as part of our own little business transformation. We started with moving to a new customer engagement strategy - all Jadugars are now responsible for Customer Support and Sales. We also do not define sales as ‘selling products’. We prefer to define sales as ‘expert guidance’. That means customers and users will speak to knowledgeable engineers and designers and get more immediate solutions. We have removed ‘salespeople’ and started hiring more skilled professionals.

As well as changing the way we support and interact with our users, we have also made significant changes to our engineering practices. We’ve been Agile for a long time in product development and we wanted that ‘better way’ reflected in Jadu software so our customers directly benefited. One of the big customer pain spots in enterprise software is upgrades. The same was true at Jadu. We had big bang feature releases that customers would need to invest time and money in to move to new versions. It was time consuming, slow and meant users did not benefit immediately from our Agile software development.

Jadu platform (CMS and XFP) now releases every two weeks as iterative updates. We’ve called this new iterative version ‘Jadu Universe Continuum’ and we are dropping the Version 1.12.x numbering scheme.

From now on, all incremental updates will be released under names and numbers, such as ‘Continuum CMS #42’ or ‘Continuum XFP #34’. This differentiates the iterative version of Jadu CMS and XFP from previous versions such as Jadu CMS Clearwater 1.10 and 1.11 or XFP 1.3.1 - which felt pretty meaningless. The number (e.g. #42) refers to the incremental number of the iterative version released. The name is the ‘era’ of the software. i.e. big new features that define the release.

continuous delivery

We decided on ‘Continuum’ (as in Time Space Continuum or ‘continuous sequence’) because it represents the interweaving of time and space. For us, that’s features and fixes delivered continuously.

This is a significant change from the previous model of twice yearly updates. Continuous Deployment is a huge departure from the ‘big-bang’ upgrades that required large projects to implement new versions.

New releases will be implemented through your Jadu Support Agreement if we are patching your system in response to a support ticket or your internal developers will be able to run the updates.

This has a number of significant benefits for your organisation:

  • No more huge upgrades
  • Removes the engineering time and project management required to perform large system upgrades saving time and cost
  • You get new features as they are implemented rather than waiting years between releases
  • The software is modernised and iterated much faster
  • Security updates are released as they become available
  • Quality, stability and reliability are significantly increased

And it doesn't end there, what does the future hold for Jadu Universe Continuum? Can you imagine a world where your Jadu software automatically updates itself with new features, fixes and security updates with no downtime? That's the future we see and we're working hard to get there. Join our journey by registering your interest in Jadu Universe Continuum.


Some of the questions our customers have asked 

What are the changes that Jadu make every two weeks?

Jadu will release bug fixes, features and security patches into iterative releases. There are no front-end template changes / updates in the continuous releases.

How will changes affect my implementation?

Simple changes (some new features, bug fixes, security patches) will be implemented and there is generally no implication for you. You may need to provide training support to your users where a new feature change is made and the way to achieve something in the software changes - but we will always let you know and provide plenty of advance notice.

We try and avoid making large API changes to the core of the software wherever possible as this results in the requirement to change front-end templates. Since your organisation owns the front-end templates of your site implementations, we will provide documentation on the changes and it is your choice to implement the changes either internally or through Jadu as a paid professional service.

How often will my software be updated?

Often, Jadu will implement the update for you through Jadu support, as the update will resolve issues you may have reported through the Jadu support portal.

Jadu will update a live and (if supported) QA/UAT system whenever it becomes required to patch your system. This can be implemented by your own internal technical resources.

Will I ever have to pay for upgrades again?

We hope not. We intend to continually release the Jadu Universe platform on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL, PHP) and WISP (Windows, IIS, SQL Server, PHP) distributions so that no customer falls out of date.

Do I need to be on Jadu Universe Continuum LAMP / WISP to benefit?

Yes. The continuous update process requires version 1.12 LAMP / WISP and is not available for any other versions of Jadu. Jadu Universe Continuum is not available on .NET installations.

When will I have to pay for upgrades?

The only time you may need to pay for anything to do with updates is if your website implementation (templates) need to be changed to take advantage of a new feature. In such cases, documentation will be provided for in-house developers and we can provide a quote for doing any template work through Jadu’s SPACECRAFT Agency.

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