Less is more: tailored content gives you what you want, quickly and easily

Our new website is launching next year and what you’ll notice is a dramatic redesign from the previous site, based on the big changes you have told us you want to see.

The new site also marks a shift towards us becoming a more accessible, 24/7 council, where accessing our services and key tasks is far simpler and quicker online. We want our new site to improve the customer experience, and encourage you to do business with us online.

The big move

We brought in an editing team who reviewed our site content, checking hundreds of webpages to see what information you wanted and what services you accessed most frequently.

Using Google Analytics, the team looked at the most viewed pages on the site over the last year. From this sample, 80% of the content most used by you was identified to be moved across to the new website.

Viewing pages

(Figure 1 – pie chart representing viewed pages)

For us, prioritising content of most value to the customer was key in making the new website more accessible. It will also ensure that the information you expect to find on the website will be available, up to date and accessible for launch day.

It also led us to reconsider how services are grouped and displayed on our website main page, and now, rather than links, our services will be represented visually as easily recognisable icons, within an accessible services grid box.

What’s next?

Given that most people are now accessing the internet through smartphones or other devices, our new website has been designed on a “mobile-first” basis. The content has been completely re-written to present clear information on the smaller screen size, reducing unnecessary content and prioritising information of most value to customers.

Our new site will be responsive, so it’s ready to be used on any device it is viewed on, be it on a mobile, tablet or desktop. If you consider that 60% of visits are expected to be from a mobile or tablet this year, it is really important that we respond to this trend.

Our other big changes include giving you the option to translate the site into over 100 languages, and the introduction of a more powerful Google-powered search facility.

translation drop-down feature(Figure 2 – translation drop-down feature)

Google search bar(Figure 3 – Google search bar)

Through a combination of analytics of the most popular tasks, eye-tracking sessions and feedback from existing services, we have learned that when people visit the council website, they want to access the information and services as quickly as possible.

With your feedback, we’ll continue to evolve and improve how we manage the digital change and demand for services at Hounslow. While we do that, we want you to be able to access information and carry out any transactions efficiently on the new website.