"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."

Douglas Adams

In Galaxies far, far away... Spacecraft

Jadu started up (as an idea) as long ago as 1999. We incorporated in 2001 (over a decade ago!) and actually had software to ship in 2004...

I think it's fair to say that in the eight years we've been building large portions of the web, we've arrived in the enterprise. 

It's been a very exciting journey too - warp speed growth and amazing customers and partners has meant that Jadu now leads the market in Government digital web experiences.

We've also build an amazing business in higher education, with some of the world's leading universities and colleges creating their own online Universes with Jadu.

Our corporate customers too have grown massively, and with Jadu's 'mobile first' strategy we're now pioneering the mobile apps and respo­nsive design spaces.

The last decade has been about formation. We've developed the beautiful and immensely powerful Jadu Universe Platform, which is now ready for shipping around the world.­

Something that we have managed to do in all that time is build an amazing talent source who really know how to make beautiful web experiences for very large organisations. From concept, design and development - Jadu's professional services team have matured into a precocious group of highly skilled designers, developers, project managers and account management people.

The recent launch of manchester.gov.uk marks a mobile revolution in any market. Manchester have set the standard and raised the bar on user experience - putting mobile firmly in the middle of the corporate web.

We developed Manchester.gov.uk  in collaboration with the Council's web and communications team - who focused on content strategy, tasks, navigation, icon design and testing with users.

We want to do that for all our customers - so we're getting very focused. We're building Spacecraft. I say building, because nothing like this can ever be 'complete' - the truth is Jadu Spacecraft has been in flight for a long time. Now we're just going to warp speed and taking our customers on the very exciting journey to put the user (and their device) first.

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