Blue Badge Case Management

Manage all of your blue badge services online and in real-time. Your customers can track their submissions and cases every step of the way - from applications, cancellations and renewals to payments and complaints!

Improve your Blue Badge processes

With over (circa) 3 million blue badge holders in the UK, it’s time to shift your blue badge processes online. Jadu CXM is a case management system and enables you to effectively deliver end-to-end digital customer self-service. Your customers and staff users can engage and track cases in real-time, saving both time and money.

You can expect:

  • End-to-end online service delivery for all blue badge services
  • ePayments so your users can pay online (if charged for the service)
  • Reduction in call volumes and footfall into your organisation
  • No more manual repetitive data entry
  • Customers can track the progress of their application in real-time
  • Integrations with key back-office services such as First Capital Cashflow and Capita Pay 360 so you can streamline your processes. 
Blue Badge Case Management System

Why now?

The previous blue badge service in the UK ended in December 2018. The Department for Transport launched an online service allowing citizens to apply for a Blue Badge. A new online application form, Local Authority interface and single system of record needed to be in place by January 2019 to provide an end-to-end digital government service. Over 1 million applications/applications are made per annum and over 207 local authorities administer the scheme. 

Local authorities are facing these 3 needs (source

As a citizen

"I need to complete the application process online, so that the application process is quick and efficient".


Citizens will fill in a GOV.UK hosted form for new badge services when the new service goes live that will be common across all LA's, removing the need for councils to manage their own independent forms. 

As a local authority enforcement officer

"I need to check the validity of a badge application, so that I know whether to take action or not".


Enforcement officers will be able to check citizen blue badge cases in real-time against the DFT's web services. 

As a local authority administrator

"I need to be able to manage and issue blue badges in my area, so that I can provide a service to citizens".


Through the DFT's Blue Badge Management Service API's you can pull the data submitted by a citizen into CXM where the internal process can then be fully managed by relevant knowledge workers. This will remove the need for the local authority administrator to re-key application data.

How Jadu CXM works with Blue Badges?

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead use Jadu CXM for their current blue badge process, they’ve managed over 2000 applications within the last year. Watch this short video to see how the process works in Jadu CXM.

We're building out a fully integrated solution over a few phases across the Jadu platform:

  • Phase 1: Jadu Forms are used to capture details received in postal applications made to the Local Authority, as well as capturing any additional assessment information, supporting associated payments, whilst an initial Jadu CXM workflow manages the application process (all can be adjusted within the platform non-technically by the LA).
  • Phase 2: Provides checks for existing Blue Badges / applications in an overlapping period, and retrieves submitted application form data directly from the DFT Service to instigate the workflow within CXM without manual re-keying.
  • Phase 3: Placing the order for a blue badge automatically when a CXM Workflow decision is made.
  • Phase 4: Additional processes such as Cancel application, replacement badge, renew badge will be looked at.

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