Butler Community College

One college and the transformation to a simpler single solution and a better student experience.

Butler Community College

The new Butler Community College website is built using Jadu Content Portal with UX design by Spacecraft.

Butler Community College is the second largest community college in the state of Kansas, with over 9000 students including international students.

Jadu Content Portal has been transformational for the college, who had challenges with their previous web platform with out of date content, dated technology and poor support for mobile devices.

The college also recognised the importance of back end data systems integration to deliver students and faculty a significantly better experience.

The college understood the need for a much richer web experience on mobiles devices, as well as a re-focus on the quality of content from an editorial point of view but also from a clarity and brevity point of view.

The main driver for selecting Jadu for a solution was integration with our student information system. The integration aspect really appealed to us, as that was something we were really missing, in terms of back end access and transactional activities that can better serve our students.

Tom Erwin, CIO

Design and user needs - A research led approach

The college were dealing with a legacy of verbose content and had a clear vision for the removal of clutter.

The communications team focused on user needs - leveraging analytics and data to drive decisions on key tasks and content marketing.

Our [new] design was about what the user needs were and our needs were to be student focused, where in the past we haven't been so much. So that really we spoke to them - and they really responded well to that.

Hayley Powers, Communications & Development Coordinator

The awareness that students were, for the most part, using mobile devices such as phones and tablets meant really focusing the content.

The college wrote new content, with a tone of voice, from the student perspective that reflected the college as it was today and how it wanted to be reflected into the future.

Delivering digital services

Removal of paper forms will make our processes more efficient. It will enhance our workflow and streamline our processes. We did the data entry - and now students do data entry and it will help them significantly.

Tom Erwin, CIO

Students need a dependable single online experience that helps them focus on their education and the challenges ahead.

Implementing the out of the box online forms capability within Jadu Content Portal has helped the college radically transform the user experience of transactions for the students and faculty.

Providing forms that work on all devices has enabled the college to streamline digital service delivery and remove many paper forms.

Students want to do business with the College in their time, their place and with their device of choice. Being able to access forms on mobile devices has proved to be a huge benefit.

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