Case Study: Dickinson College

A Single Portal and Web Experience

Students, faculty staff and administrative staff at Dickinson College can now log in to a single web site and browse the content of the public web site and move seamlessly to private, secure content.

The college will make tens of thousands of dollars in savings through retiring siloed web content management, intranet, mobile and portal products. The colleges portal alone was costing several thousands of dollars annually in support costs and was an inflexible legacy platform. Dickinson College have also retired their previous web CMS and mobile publishing platforms for the new ‘single system’.

A dramatic increase in the user experience, on the devices they choose together with a single vision for accessing public and private content through single sign on gives Dickinson College a unique advantage and service it can pass on to students, teachers and staff. 

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Portal and Web - a single solution

Dickinson College's Jadu Content Portal implementation means users of the college’s main web presence can now seamlessly browse between public content and personalized, secure content. Constituents at the college access secure content through a single sign-on using the college’s CAS (Central Authentication Service), removing the need for both portal and intranet systems.

The College fully understood the needs of their students and staff to be able to access content and information from devices as well as desktop computers. It leverages their roles-based access rules, which used user data from their Student Information System (SIS). The new Jadu Content Portal gave the college the opportunity to revisit their strategy with marketing and communications online - enabling the faculties to contribute in a way they had not previously been able. This was delivered through open and engaging project management and a 'train-the-trainer' approach.

Given the strategic value of Dickinson College's web presence we looked not just for a product, but for a long term relationship with a dynamic and responsive company. Jadu's vision and spirit of teamwork align perfectly with our ambitions.

Robert Renaud, Vice President and CIO at Dickinson College

The results of delivering a single platform.

The Jadu Content Portal will take Dickinson in a multitude of new directions. The college is now looking at the student lifecycle; from before they are a student (a prospective), whilst they are a student (a customer) and then eventually, alumni - those who continue to interact with the college and eventually donate back and support new generations of students.

A prospective student learns to use the web site whilst they are evaluating the college. “When students decide to come to the college, they shouldn't have to re-learn the interface. They should get the same quality of experience when they become students on their desktop computer, tablet and phone” says David Kelly.

Read more about Dickinson on the project profile page. Watch a further technical presentation on how the integration was planned and the vision realised.

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