London Borough of Hounslow Council

A digital journey to improve online service delivery

Moving to smarter online services, and switching from Salesforce to Jadu CXM to digitally support citizens.

The digital team at The London Borough of Hounslow (LBH) are embarking on an exciting, innovative and ambitious digital journey to improve their service delivery for their citizens. LBH currently use Jadu's full platform to support their end-to-end digital service delivery to their citizens. 

They started off their journey to create smarter online services whilst reducing back-office systems through implementing Jadu Content Management System (CMS) and Jadu Online Payments and Forms (XFP) and making use of key integrations, such as Bartec's Waste Management System

They have most recently replaced their legacy CRM system, Salesforce, with Jadu Customer Experience Management (CXM) to manage customer casework and member and MP enquiries. 

Moving from Salesforce to Jadu CXM, Claire Wilkinson


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Moving from Salesforce to Jadu CXM to track customer and member cases in true Amazon-style

Claire Wilkinson, Digital Programme Lead and Tina Dunkin, Customer Relations and Improvement Manager from The London Borough of Hounslow shared their digital transformation journey from their legacy CRM to Jadu CXM in a fantastic 1-hour webinar.

We also held a quick Q&A session at the end, which was packed full of useful questions and answers.

“Jadu Continuum CXM is doing for local government what Amazon does for ecommerce - if you can track a parcel right to the end of your driveway, why shouldn’t you track customer and member cases for something that really matters?”
Claire Wilkinson, Digital Transformation Lead, London Borough of Hounslow. 

Launching an end-to-end garden waste digital service

Victoria Lawson, Director of Customer Relations, Environment and Culture, transformed web and transactions by iteration, tackling some of the hardest first.

The council recently launched an end-to-end digital service for their garden waste service in just two weeks using standard Integrations Hub connectors with Jadu.


Integration is the foundation: a journey through waste

The journey to smarter online services whilst reducing back-office systems and face-to-face contact was a deep-dive into integration for Hounslow Council. They started with the integration with Bartec’s waste management system using Jadu CMS and XFP and how it provides a seamless experience for the collection team and residents alike.

Sam Hamilton, Website & Applications Development Manager, discusses the integration with Bartec and Jadu, as well as gives a 45 second summary about their decision to choose Jadu XFP.

Hounslow's journey through waste


Why we chose Jadu XFP


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