Opportunities at Jadu Group

Senior PHP Developer (remote, Romania)

We're looking for two strong Senior PHP developers to join our software engineering team and work on core product development for our Jadu Continuum Platform.

We are more interested in finding the right people to join our team, so for this position, working remotely is completely acceptable after you have been inducted into working with your new team. Jadu’s head office is located in Leicester (UK) where you will be based during the initial induction period (roughly two weeks should be expected). Being within commuting distance of Cluj (Romania) would be beneficial given our existing links within this area.

Why this job matters

Jadu Continuum allows large organisations to deliver content and services that reach millions of people around the world. Our team’s mission is to make beautiful software that’s easy to use, both for our users as well as our growing network of developers and partners.

What you will bring

We hope you’ll be willing to work with us to improve our overall knowledge, working practices and quality of code as much as we will be investing in you. At Jadu we’re always working to learn and improve our own skills, and those of our colleagues. Experience in mentoring junior developers and/or PHP developer community engagement would be advantageous.

You’ll be working primarily within our existing software stack which is mostly PHP with Symfony framework foundations, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. The Jadu Continuum platform is continuously released so you’ll have a solid understanding and demonstrable ability of TDD. A good knowledge of web services (RESTful / SOAP), JSON, XML is important given our Integrations Hub Strategy. You’ll need a good working knowledge of Git version control and have a strong understanding of W3C standards. Ansible & Linux server administration knowledge would be advantageous as well as a working understanding of Agile / SCRUM methodologies.

What you’ll get from us

Trust. We are big believers in autonomy, mastery and purpose and we hope this motivates you to achieve more at Jadu. Over 50% of our team are software developers, so we've optimised our working practices to make writing software within our team a pleasurable experience, and continue to reflect and adapt, so your opinions matter.

We’ll give you the tools such as a new MacBook Pro, large monitor, software licenses for your preferred applications, IDE’s etc, and whatever else within reason is needed to get your job done comfortably.

Whilst we are looking to hire remote engineers at this time, we are also looking at opportunities to locate the selected individuals in and around other like-minded engineers in the local area on a regular basis for a change of scenery and chance to bond with your local team members, whether that be at a local cafe or incubator area which we will assist in organising.

We use Slack and Hangouts for regular team communications such as daily standups so that we can get things done effectively across a geographically dispersed team. Occasional trips to the UK head office may be organised such as during your initial team induction & training and for special team events.

We offer competitive salaries, based on experience, and a number of perks and benefits. These include flexible working hours, a budget to spend on training in areas of interest and 20 days holiday.

What you will need

You will need good written and spoken English communication skills for this remote working opportunity. You will need a valid ID for coming over to the UK for your initial induction training and any other subsequent trips. You will also need to have PFA (Romanian (Commercial) Authorized Physical Person) or means to handle the filing of taxes in your region or the appropriate alternative for your region.

How to apply

Send an email to phpdev@jadu.net and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would be a good fit for this role. Include your CV and any useful links like to your GitHub profile or publicly available work that you have been involved with.

No recruitment consultants or agencies please. Thank you.