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PHP Developer, (Spacecraft Digital), Leicester, UK

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We're looking for a PHP developer to join our professional services team, Spacecraft Digital. Spacecraft produce award-winning websites using Jadu Continuum Platform that reaches millions of people and we'd like you to come and help us.

Web developers at Spacecraft are experts in the software development lifecycle and work with our designers, testers and project managers to bring our websites to life with secure, performant code.

Read more about how we hire developers from Spacecraft.

How can you help us?

You know your way around a web application, from the nuts and bolts of a HTTP request to creating well-crafted code in response to customer requirements.

You are familiar with object-oriented web application design, ideally using PHP, JavaScript, some form of SQL and HTML. You don't have to be completely familiar with all of these - you might be more conversant in another language, for example - but we will ask that you demonstrate your ability to create something.

If you have been developing for the web for a while - and don't worry if you haven't - with other organisations, we'd love for you to bring your experience and ideas to the team. We're always striving to improve our development process, to become better developers and better serve our customers through better practices. 

How can we help you?

We're confident that being part of our team will be great for your career. You will work with and be able to learn from some truly amazing developers. Everyone here is excited to learn from you, too.

Over 50% of the people here are software developers. That means we've optimised as much as we can to make writing software a pleasurable experience. There will be no phone on your desk constantly interrupting you and we use Slack far more than email to get things done.

We offer competitive salaries, based on experience, and a number of perks and benefits. These include flexible working hours, a budget to spend how you like on training, 25 days holiday and boring but important things like health insurance and a pension.

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply now!

NOTE: We do not accept agencies or workers outside of the European Union. You will need to be a European resident only to apply for any permanent positions.

Jadu is an Equal Opportunities Employer 

Recruitment consultants and agencies: please do not call or email about this role. Thank you.