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COVID-19 Special Announcement Widget

Widget supplied by Jadu creates, maintains and promotes schemas for structured data on the internet to enable search engines to understand your websites better. has defined a standard for publishing information about COVID-19 announcements, this enables organisations to tell search engines that they have important information regarding the pandemic on their websites. Search engines can then display this content prominently in search results making it easier for users to read and get important information quickly. This is particularly important for Local Authorities and Universities communicating critical messages.

This widget makes it easy for you to publish important information that meets the SpecialAnnouncement standard. A list of announcements can be created and managed within the widget including:

  • Lockdown directives
  • Closure notices
  • Quarantine guidelines
  • Travel restrictions
  • Opening of a testing centre
  • Cancellation or changes to planned events
  • Revision of shopping hours or other shopping restrictions
  • Disease spread maps and statistics

All announcements types listed above contain a title, summary, applicable dates and relevant location information. You can also add a link to further information and reorder announcements within the widget.

You don’t need to customise the widget, simply download the Widget Zip file and upload to your Jadu CMS through the Widget Manager, then add to relevant Homepages on your website to use.

Here is a short video on the widget:

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