Sharing Content

Sharing your Services

The initial phase of the Jadu Library has focussed on the provision of content that has either been shared by pilot customers Norwich City Council and Swindon Borough Council or Jadu's own Customer Success team.

The process for the sharing of content that you feel other Jadu users may find relevant consists of:

  1. Fork the Jadu Library GitHub project & clone it locally. You may find tools such as GitHub's desktop application useful for this.
  2. We recommend creating a 'feature branch' for each service that you wish to share content for (remember to sync your local copy before you branch though!).
  3. Do the work in your branch and commit this once ready with a meaningful, concise commit message.
  4. Push your work up to your own origin repository.
  5. Create a new Pull Request (PR) within GitHub.

The alternative to using GitHub is to complete an online submission form to which you can attach a single file of small size for convenience sake. 

At this point, you're new content will be with us for review, Thanks! We feel it would be in our customers interest if we take some time to review and accept new / changed content prior to accepting any Pull requests. Once accepted, we will then add the relevant content into the Jadu Library website directory for ease of being located in the future by our customers.

We aim to comment on pull requests within five business days where possible. We may suggest some changes or improvements prior to accepting your Pull request in the interest of the wider community.