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Importing a CXM Case Type

Firstly, follow our guidance on how to Import your CXM Case type

There are a few settings included within CXM Case type files that have been shared throughout this library that could require your attention when you import these into your own CXM account. For example, Service names, User Groups and User roles will likely differ across customer accounts and you will therefore need to adjust the relevant settings within your account (e.g. to set up Case dates) as best to suit.


Below is a quick guide to help you when importing into your account if certain messages are reported:

1. 'Could not find user group "xyz" to use in rule action':
2. 'Could not find role "staff" to use case transition':
3. 'Could not find role "staff" to use in external redirect':

We have where possible generalised the service, user group and user role names within Jadu Library resources to use those that come pre-setup within your CXM account (e.g. "Default" service, "Customer Services" group and "Staff - free user" role. Once imported therefore, you should review all settings to ensure privileges suit your own organisation and account setup.

4. 'Could not find date definition "sla_date" to use in rule action';
Any Case date definitions reported as missing will need to be setup within your account prior to import. See further guidance on Case dates.

5. Email addresses in CXM Rule Actions
Any hard-coded email addresses used in email alert type rule actions should be reviewed and amended to the equivalent address for your organisation (e.g.

6. XFP Form URL’s
Any URL's to XFP forms (whether internal or external) should be reviewed after importing your Case type to point to your own forms within your associated XFP environment. We have where possible standardised the domains used within the shared resources to assist in locating these, but form identifiers will need to be adjusted after these have been imported to your environments. This will be required whether your form was imported from the Jadu Library or not.


Once your CXM Case Type and any related XFP Forms have been imported, you will then want to review any XFP form > CXM Case type mappings from within your XFP environment. Please follow our further guidance on how to do this.