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Tuesday, 8th November 2016

London Borough of Hounslow switches to cloud case management for CRM and digital customer service

Hounslow Council has started implementation of a digital customer service strategy, by selecting a cloud based ‘real-time’ case management system by UK based software company, Jadu.

With over 250,000 residents, the Council serves a diverse demographic of citizens, for whom the new service will be available early in 2017.  The Council has engaged creative agency Spacecraft Digital to redesign the website, underpinned by the Jadu Continuum web platform, which includes the ‘Jadu CXM’ customer relationship management and case management system.

This supports the council’s customer services strategy which is focused on improving the breadth of digital services to residents. It was essential for delivering the new system, that the new infrastructure be simple to use. It will provide service tracking, real time conversation and service automation tools. This will make using the new system more efficient for customers.

Councillor Ed Mayne, Cabinet Member for Corporate Performance and Customer Care, Hounslow Council, said:

We’re now focused on digital customer service, using a single platform that will enable our customers to transact and use council services digitally in a way they want and when they want.  We’re ensuring that we include customers every step of the way with our digital services and are making sure their needs are at the centre of everything we do.

We needed something scalable and have made the change to something suitable that is deeply embedded in our website and within our customer service contact centre. This is so we can support customers who cannot immediately use the digital self-service channel.

The council is investing circa £225,000 in technology and services from Jadu to enable savings from switching off legacy systems that no longer serve the council. The move will also facilitate the council’s plan to move its civic centre building which will require the move to flexible working from staff.

"Organisations focused on customer service are starting to see that traditional CRM is not serving the needs of their customers” said Suraj Kika, Chief Executive of Jadu. “Huge CRM, including some current major cloud solutions fall short of offering customers direct access to their cases. Hounslow are leading in a new approach - which is what is needed in this climate of cuts and savings and if the customer is to be put first.

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