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Friday, 10th March 2017

Jadu Continuum adds ‘Integrations Hub’ to make enterprise app and cloud service connections simple

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Jadu is announcing the addition of ‘Integrations Hub’ to Jadu Continuum*, its continuously updated digital customer service platform.

The hub enables easier integration with enterprise apps and cloud services, such as Outlook365 Calendars, ESRI ArcGIS maps and GoCardless, a cloud platform for automating direct debit transactions. 

Non-technical managers can now easily connect their Web Content, eForms and Customer Case Management tools to best-of-breed third parties via Application Program Interfaces (APIs), and manage the integrations within Jadu Continuum.

“Although software integrations are increasingly common within solutions like Slack, out-of-the-box integrations with larger enterprise systems are commonly lagging behind, but we’re changing that. Our customers have described this as game changing!

“We’re making integration with our platform simple. For example, if a council using Integration Hub wants to integrate a service such as waste collection with Office365 Calendar, it’s as simple as selecting it from the options and adding the relevant API keys.”

Andy Perkins, Director of Engineering at Jadu

Jadu is establishing technology partners across the enterprise space, as well as creating integrations with the best cloud services, which enhance enterprise web and transactional interactions. This includes PCA Connect for address verification and Mailchimp for marketing email automation, as well as enterprise applications including Document Management from Lexmark, TotalAgility from Kofax and Blackbaud CRM.

“Making it easier for Jadu Continuum users to connect with Blackbaud CRM, without the need for a technical expert, is a fantastic win for our customer base around the globe. 

“It’s more important than ever that nonprofits build a tech stack that provides best-in-class functionality for each department, whilst still working well with the rest of the organisation’s portfolio of solutions, and Jadu is making that possible.”

John Bird, Managing Director at Blackbaud Europe

GoCardless, an easy way to collect Direct Debit that already serves more than 20,000 businesses, sees Integrations Hub as a great route into a new market.

“The addition of Jadu’s Integrations Hub is a great route into local government, a fast-growing area for us and one where setting up Direct Debit payments has traditionally been very difficult.

“Even today, local authorities often rely on paper mandates to set up Direct Debit payments, an extremely manual and costly process. Platforms like GoCardless and Jadu’s Integration Hub means councils can now easily take recurring payments online in a cost-effective and efficient manner, which benefits all involved.”

Josh Sasto, Head of Partnerships at GoCardless

Kofax, Jadu’s Continuum partner, sees the addition of the Integrations Hub as an important advantage in selling into local government which is continuously under pressure to deliver more with less.

“Jadu has taken full advantage of our Partner Solution Program to deliver more sophisticated integration to back office systems.

“By partnering with Kofax, Jadu is enabling its global customer base to deliver more services to a wide range of users at a lower cost.”

Howard Dratler, Executive Vice President, Field Operations at Kofax

The two weekly release process of the Jadu Continuum CMS, XFP and CXM products will see connectors and integrations continually added and enhanced.

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