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Thursday, 1st September 2005

DTI launches UK Renewable Energy eConsultation Portal using Jadu eGov Content Server

The Department of Trade and Industry have launched a new website for the UK Renewable Energy portal, developed to manage consultation on the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the North Sea.

The DTI has been conducting a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) since 1999. The SEA process enables the environmental implications of policies and plans to be predicted and evaluated.

The ultimate objective of this process is to enable 'environmentally sensitive' licensing of wind farm energy, and oil and gas exploration and production. The consultation process is wide ranging and seeks input from interested stakeholders (government agencies, general public and non government organisations) across the world.

The new portal is designed for full accessibility to WAI AA standards and using the eGIF (eGovernment Interoperability Framework) as a basis.

Dr Quentin Hugget, Geotek's Project Manager for the SEA process, managed the tendering process for the 'Consultation Portal' and after an extensive selection process, decided upon Jadu eGov Content Server from
Jadu Limited.

Jadu eGov is eGif compliant; provides full XML interoperability; enables publishing of consultation and policy documents; interactive commenting and is based on Open Source Architecture.

'Jadu was also the only organisation that was able to demonstrate that they could deliver eGif compliance within the timescales' says Dr Hugget.

The website uses the Jadu eGov eConsultation module to manage the online consultation process. Participants in the consultation can be notified by email of changes and updates in each consultation and can submit comments and documents online.

'Devolved content management is also a priority for UK Local Authorities, as is online eConsultation' says Suraj Kika, Managing Director of Jadu.

'Jadu is focused on developing advanced web management systems for government - our commitment to standards such as eGIF and WAI only stands to reinforce our position.'