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Monday, 1st December 2003

DTI to implement Jadu eGov Content Server for UK Renewable Energy Consultation Portal

Jadu Limited have won the bid to further develop the DTI's UK Offshore SEA website portal using the Jadu eGov Content Server application developed in partnership with Kettering Borough Council.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment Consultation website has become a globally significant portal for the communication and aggregation of comments on the SEA process.

The new website will ecompass the consulation before any UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) licence rounds for oil and gas exploration and production.

The site will also now include the consultation for UK Renewable Energy (Offshore Windfarms) and will become a portal for consultation data and information.
Quentin Hugget, Project Manager for the SEA process said: "The new website system must be capable of complying with all aspects of the Office of the e-Envoys eGif guidelines. It must also be capable of complying with at least W3C AA web standards and RNIB standards and be full accessible on all media.

The website must also make full use of XML and be driven by the GCL (Government Category List) for the categorising of content using META data.... Jadu eGov provides all the functionality we need and critically, can be implemented in the short time-frame that we have to develop and launch the site.

Many of the applications we shortlisted involved lengthy development periods, not to mention very high costs of ownership..."
The vision for this project is "To enhance the already high level of interactivity of the website and ensure its compliance with government guidelines (eGif) and existing web standards".

The new website is due to launch in September 2004.