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Tuesday, 5th May 2009

Ribble Valley Borough Council implement Jadu eGov Content Server for Internet and Intranet applications

Clitheroe, Lancashire, November 17, 2004. Ribble Valley Borough Council have begun implementation of Interent and Intranet systems using Jadu eGov Content Server.

Deploying onto an open source Linux platform for both Internet and
Intranet systems, the development will last 6 weeks and use much of the generic content delivered through the LAWS National Project.

The website is also to be integrated with the Lancashire partnership A-Z, together with a number of enhancements to Jadu eGov's A-Z module.

Suraj Kika of Jadu indicated at a few of the enhancements: "The A-Z will be
upgraded through the development for Ribble Valley BC, the intention is
to provide PID number aliasing through the main site URL, so that services content can be accessed easily by other Local Authorities.

There will also be a new facility to add Local PID numbers until the LGSL has had time to mature to the quality of the LGCL..."

Along with a number of other enhancements, the CMS has quickly grown to become a complete solution for addressing the ODPM's Priority Outcomes.

Peter Hothersall, Head of IT at Ribble Valley BC, was involved with the selection of the Jadu eGov Content Management system:

"It was evident that though the Kettering Partnership, Jadu had invested a
great deal of time researching LAWS standards, eGif, IEG and the Priority Outcomes to deliver a very focussed application. We looked at a number of Local Authority website management systems before finally deciding that Jadu eGov Content Server was a unique, total solution..."

One of the issues facing Ribble Valley BC was the population of the volumes
of content required to launch the site: "We are using the generic content provided by the LAWS National Project to ensure the new CMS starts off on the right footing.

Through careful auditing of this content, Jadu have provided a ready made, fully accessible website and CMS that will make a real difference to the delivery of our eGovernment agenda."

The system will utilise Novells SUSE Linux operating system, together with a host of other open source software applications for both Internet and Intranet systems:

"Ribble Valley intend to host their site themselves on our Linux distribution of Jadu eGov - by making some very clever choices, they have reduced the total cost of ownership of both Internet and Intranet to near zero.

They also intend to carry out their own development, working in partnership with Jadu, to help integrate their CMS to other back office systems." - Suraj Kika, Jadu

The website and Intranet will launch early in the New Year.