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Monday, 1st June 2009

Jadu make OAuth-based Twitter library available to Open Source community

Jadu recently announced the release of its Social Media platform with a Twitter Client for it's Jadu Content Management System.

Having successfully beta-tested the client, Jadu are now releasing the library that powers it under an open source license.

OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure API authorisation in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. Using OAuth means that third party developers don't have to store Twitter usernames and passwords within their applications, improving security and confidence and giving the user control over what applications access their Twitter account.

Jadu have developed their Twitter PHP library with the new OAuth method of authentication in mind. The library also supports basic authentication. The Jadu code is based on other open source OAuth libraries, while adding a simple to use interface to the Twitter API.

"We're really excited about Twitter and OAuth" says Richard Backhouse, Senior Engineer at Jadu on the company's blog. "we really want to give back to the community and help our customers and other developers create exciting applications".

Jadu are expected to release the library on in May to coincide with the official release of Jadu CMS 1.8, Clearwater.