CMS 21.0.0 Developer Guidance

Non-backwards compatible changes

Database schema changes

MariaDB 10.5 introduces a new reserved word “rows”. References to “rows” have been renamed in Jadu CMS database schema to ensure ongoing compatibility:

  • Renamed JaduHomepages.rows to JaduHomepages.pageRows

File changes

The following files have been moved and their PHP namespace updated:

  • Jadu\Category\Event\Object\Delete.php -> Jadu\Category\Event\Model\Delete.php
  • Jadu\Category\Event\Object\Move.php -> Jadu\Category\Event\Model\Move.php

Other changes

Database schema changes

MariaDB 10.5 compatibility has required changes to default values in our database schema. JaduContentTypes was previously set to not allow null values, it now has a default value of empty string set.

As strict mode is enabled by default in MariaDB 10.5, and the timestamp “1970-01-01 00:00:00” is reserved, our code has been updated to address this.

File changes

Galaxies sites’ SSL configuration for Apache configuration has been moved into a separate configuration file, microsites/templates/apache/ssl_block.cfg, to allow easier maintenance and configuration within the customer's environments.

Directory permission changes when using 2021 Installer

User permissions are no longer granted on the base 'logs' directory, instead permissions are explicitly granted on individual sub-folders.

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