How do I change the hostname of my site?

The Continuum CMS Platform will only serve pages on hostnames that it knows about. Attempting to request pages using any other hostnames will result in an HTTP 404 error page and the following error being written to the PHP error log:

[30-Jul-2019 17:24:02 Europe/London] Unable to find the site

The list of hostnames that content will be served on resides in the database table JaduSiteRegistry.

If you have a fresh installation or development image, you should have a single record in this table for the main site. In this case, it is safe to just run an update query to change the hostname to the one you desire.

If you are changing the value of an existing entry on an established site with lots of data, you may wish to perform a database find & replace for any occurrences of the old value within records across the site.


UPDATE JaduSiteRegistry
SET siteUrl=’’
WHERE isMainSite=1;

If you are wanting to add a brand new hostname to an existing site, you should insert a new record to the table.


INSERT INTO JaduSiteRegistry
  ‘My Super-Awesome Site’

The contents of the JaduSiteRegistry table is cached by the platform, so in order for the change to take effect, you must empty the cache. You can either do this via the Jadu Control Centre (Utilities > System information > Clear cache) or via the command line:

php cli.php cms:clear-cache

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