Category management

Categories are managed either by interacting with the user interface provided by Continuum CMS, or by uploading an XML file representing the structure of your taxonomy.

XML files can be imported and exported, and the taxonomy rolled back to a previous version from the Continuum CMS category builder interface.

XML structure

Category list XML should

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ControlledList Version="1.05" VersionDate="2008-06-30" ListName="LGNL" ItemName="LGNL" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">

Metadata around the list is defined by adding a Metadata element within ControlledList:

    <Creator>Jadu Category List Builder</Creator>
    <Description>Website Navigation List</Description>
    <Language SchemeName="ISO 639-2/T">eng</Language>
    <Status>Version 1.0</Status>
    <Subject.Category SchemeName="LGNL">Information management</Subject.Category>
    <Subject.Category SchemeName="IPSV">Information management</Subject.Category>
    <Title>Web Navigation</Title>

Only a single Metadata element is permitted.

Each category is defined by adding an Item element within ControlledList, with the immediate ancestors of the category indicated by a BroaderItem element, as shown below:

<Item Id="1" ConceptId="1" Obsolete="false" AddedInVersion="1.00" LastUpdatedInVersion="1.02" AToZ="false" Preferred="true">
    <Name>School - home schooling</Name>
    <BroaderItem Id="200071" ConceptId="200071" Default="true">Parental support</BroaderItem>

More than one immediate ancestor can be defined, making the category poly-hierarchical.

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