Development process

We have listed the steps that you need to follow when you develop your own code within the Jadu platform.

  1. Create a branch in the git repository with name/issue number of your bug fix, improvement or feature.
  2. Jadu uses JIRA to log issues and features and this is where we get a reference number that can be used to name the branch. You can use any number/name as you wish as long as it is relevant to the feature/bug fix.
  3. We recommend using one branch per bug fix or feature.
  4. The dev branch is where releases are created from and so it should only contain completed work.
  5. When you have completed your work on the feature branch, it can be merged into the dev branch.
  6. We recommend testing out the feature branch on a local VM or dedicated development instance before it can be merged into the dev branch.
  7. Once all the changes you wish to include in a release have been merged into dev, this branch must be tested.
  8. If everything works as expected, then you can create a release in deployer.
  9. Deployer tags your release, creates a package and deploys it to the required server.

The process looks like this for the feature branch:

After the above process is complete and feature branch is merged into the dev branch, then process for dev branch looks like this:

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