Hotfix Process

Where a release is already in progress and a change needs to be pushed to production urgently, Deployer provides support for a single hotfix branch - hotfixlive.

This branch should only be used to quickly rollout small fixes and not for new features or large complex changes. Create the hotfixlive branch from the tag currently deployed to production, then follow the usual process but treating hotfixlive as you would normally dev. When creating a new release in Deployer, the hotfixlive branch will be used in preference to dev.

Once deployed to live, the changes in hotfixlive must be merged back to dev and the hotfixlive branch deleted. The changes will then be incorporated into the next tag of the in-progress release.

If Jadu has a release in progress you must inform them before starting this hotfix process so that this can be accounted for in their work.

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