Release Process

Changes made by Jadu should always be released independently to those made by yourselves or a third-party working on your behalf. The main reason for this is that it provides clear ownership of the release and therefore responsibility for resolving any issues that may arise.

Jadu recommends that you and/or third-parties working on your behalf should follow the recommended development process and coordinate releases according to your own schedule. If you have access to the Deployer tool, you do not need to inform Jadu when preparing or deploying a release.

When Jadu is preparing a release for you, there must be no new changes made to the dev branch while Jadu is conducting release testing. Jadu will request a change-freeze from yourselves during this period. The change-freeze only applies to the dev branch, changes can still be made to other branches. You must not create any new tags or start releases during this period.

Jadu will usually coordinate the change freeze period via a support ticket.

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