Site registry and domain management

The site registry is a table in the main Continuum CMS database, JaduSiteRegistry. It maps the domain of an incoming request to the database in which that site's content is stored, and determines whether that domain can be used to access the Continuum CMS management interface, the Control Center.

The first entry in the site registry is created by the Continuum CMS installer using values you provide, and is the default domain that the site and Control Center are served on.

Additional entries are added when Galaxies sites are created and published.

To configure a separate domain for the Control Center

Continuum CMS can be set to serve content to the public on one domain, eg. and secure content on a second domain, eg.

New galaxies sites created in Continuum CMS will automatically generate the appropriate records. Sites that exist at the point the change is made must be updated manually.

  1. Update each existing site registry entry, set isControlCentre to 0.
  2. Add a new entry to the site registry for the main site and each galaxies site.
    • dbName is the name of the database this site's content is stored in.
    • siteUrl is the domain to server content on.
    • siteName is the name of the site.
    • isMainSite is 1 if this is the main site, 0 in all other cases.
    • isControlCentre is 1 if the Control Center is available on this domain, 0 in all other cases.
    • GUID is the Globally Unique Identifier used on other entries for this database name.
    • preferredConnectionType, dbDSN, dbUsername and dbPassword can all be left blank.
  3. Update the values of the following constants:
  4. Update cookie domain by changing the following constant:
    • TEST_COOKIE_DOMAIN to the wildcard domain
  5. Clear the application's data cache.

The function getSecureSiteRootURL() will return the secure domain of the site, and should be used in templates that link to secure content.

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