Queuing emails

In order to utilise the queueing functionality added to Continuum #19, the Mail service provides a queue() method which accepts two parameters, the queue name and an instance of an instance of Jadu_Container_Mail.

The queue method will attempt to push the data onto the queue, otherwise it will send the email straight away.

Adding emails to the Queue

$mail->queue('jadu.email', $data);

Sending an email

Instead of passing an instance of Jadu_Container_Mail - the send() method would expect the user to pass a callable (Closure). The callable would then pass an instance of MessageInterface as a param to the Closure.

$mail = Jadu_Service_Container::getInstance()->getMail();

    $message->setSubject('Hello World!');
    $message->setBody('Welcome to Jadu.net');

    // must return $message instance
    return $message;

HTML emails

$message->setBody('<h1>Hello World!</h1>');

Adding an attachment

use JaduFramework\Mail\Drivers\SwiftMailer\Attachment;
$message->addAttachment(new Attachment('/path/to/file.ext'));

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